Demo Registration

You can try PAS Plus 7 days free of charge and without any obligation. Simply fill out the following form and send it to us.

You will then immediately receive your username and password via e-mail and SMS.

If you have received a test code, enter it in the corresponding field and your demo access will be extended to 14 days. **

Please note:

In order to use our PAS Notify app, you need a running installation of PAS Plus on your Windows PC or Apple Mac.

By filling out and sending this registration form, you can try our Windows & macOS software for free.

During your trial period you will be able to use our app PAS Notify, in combination with PAS Plus. Your PC or Mac has to be turned on for this.

Note: You will receive your access data by E-Mail and SMS, in case of wrong personal details they cannot be sent to you.

* Input required.
** By default, the free and non-binding test period is 7 days. If you have received a test code, you can enter it and increase the trial period to 14 days.